• Grand Central Terminal (map)
  • 89 East 42nd Street
  • New York, NY, 10017
  • United States

Midtown Rush Hour
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Next to the Information Booth that's at the center of Grand Central Terminal's Main Concourse (the side of the information booth that faces Vanderbilt Avenue) @42nd St. & Park Avenue.

The Midtown Rush Hour Tour is a comedic monologue that is an elixir designed to help heal people's hatred of rush hour. (To tell you the truth, this experience should probably be mandatory for all commuters.)

The monologue is a magical-history tour of the great living-landmark that is rush hour.

Along the way, the piece revels in the architecture of Grand Central Terminal and re-tells the incredible history of midtown's birth; an epic tale in which today's rush hour is the current living climax.

The performance begins while we stand still next to the Information Booth of Grand Central Terminal and then it walks us around Grand Central Terminal, eventually moving outside along 42nd St. between Park & Lexington, up Lexington, ending at the genesis of Park Avenue.

Optional hangout available afterwards at any one of the many nearby venues where our private Greek Chorus may continue to observe and comment on the unfolding drama that it is the Greek Chorus of, as we live out one of the city-teacher's essential platitudes, "...gregariousness is great."